The Power of Comparison

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I wish I had that. I wish I was that bold. I wish I was that talented. I want to be like her. I want to be approved by them. These are some of the many thoughts that would frequently flood my mind. The power of comparison can be a very dangerous thing. This kind of mindset does not bear any true fruit. It has the power to distract or derail one from their God given purpose and steal their joy and sense of gratitude. I was recently in a place where I constantly compared myself to everyone around me which led to feelings of insignificance and ungratefulness. I had slowly but surely begun to convince myself that the lies I had been telling myself were factual. One-day God had me sit down and make a list of the things in my life that I had been blessed with and He began to speak to me with each thing that I jotted down.

God pours abundant blessings on us daily but if we aren’t focused on Him we can easily become fixated on what we don’t have and compare our life to someone else’s. We then begin to worry and wonder does God truly hear my prayers or does He truly love me. The answers to both of those questions is yes! He hears each of our prayers no matter how big or small and He loves us with an unfailing love. God’s goodness in our lives isn’t only demonstrated in the things that we can see or receive. One of the most valuable things that I have learned as I journey in this life is that God only gives us what we prepare for. Many times, we aren’t truly prepared for what we are asking of Him or maybe He has even greater plans for us! We just can’t limit God through our thinking because He is bigger than our minds can fathom! When our focus is thwarted so is our life but when our focus is on God; He gives us discernment and direction so that we follow the appropriate path.

In order to intentionally focus on God, we should aim to follow Proverbs 4:23 which reads, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”. If we are constantly looking at our brother or sister and envying their life then that will be our focus. On the contrary, if we spend time thanking God for what we already have then we will have a sense of gratitude and see more of the abundant blessings that He gives us daily. One of the most common ways that the enemy will try to sneak in and tempt you to compare yourself is through social media. Maybe you feel behind because everyone you follow is either in a relationship, graduating, starting a family or something else that you may desire.  Better yet, maybe you had a milestone that you wished to have accomplished within a certain time frame but fell short of that goal and it seems as though others are progressing forward. Someone else’s success does not mean your failure just as someone else’s blessing does not equate your misfortune. Please don’t allow society to be your source of affirmation when it comes to where you go in life and how soon you get there. God’s plan for our life will always be greater. Maybe that set-back is an opportunity to refocus or your single season is a time to be pruned and get prepared. Focusing on God is the only surefire way to ensure that you live out your best life. The plans He has for you are great!

When I spoke to my mentor about this matter, one thing in particular truly stood out to me. She said, “You never know what that person may have gone through to get to there and that it might have almost taken them out to reach that point.”. That deeply resonated with me because we only see the finished product but we truly do not know the heights that a person had to climb while we are comparing ourselves to them. God has a uniquely beautiful purpose for us all! That doesn’t mean that we will not have hardships along the way but it does mean that we will arrive where we need to be just when we need to get there because He makes no mistakes! There may be times along the way in which you will have to encourage yourself as you find that your mind has wandered and that is ok. Remind yourself of what God says about you and that He will show you which path to take! As we step into this New Year, lets aim to intentionally make this a year of living out our best life by depending on God every step of the way!


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