About Me



Growing up in the church, I knew of God and His Word. I sang in the choir and was active in other ministries as well. I knew that having a relationship with God  was important  but growing up I didn’t truly understand the significance of having a solid foundation in the Word. Because of that I often found myself attempting to live a life pleasing to God while also trying to fulfill my own fleshly desires. That mindset eventually filtered in to my early adulthood and I found myself behaving more worldly. I was lukewarm. I wanted God but I also wanted to have my way. I constantly felt a desire to draw closer so after sometime I eventually gave God’s way a try but later found myself back in a lukewarm position.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I truly realized that I needed to become more intentional in my relationship with God. It was a tough year for me as I felt that my world was crumbling before my eyes as various situations had occurred around the same time with the most significant being the death of my grandfather. I  honestly hit a place of depression in which I contemplated throwing in the towel in several areas of my life. However, at my lowest, God became my strength. My vision and heart began to shift. I didn’t quite understand what was taking place but I began to see that my life would never be the same. Although the journey was not easy, I am grateful that God’s grace sustained me and that I am able to share my testimony which is that once you allow God to have total access to you that He can restore every broken piece of you. It is my prayer that this blog inspires and motivates other young women during their season of singleness to pursue God and trust His plan!

With love,
She’s Rooted